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Why Talk to a Lawyer?

Legal advice is always important when dealing with your rights and entitlements. For this reason, it is important that you speak to a lawyer to arm yourself with the correct legal information and advice you need to make what is often a stressful and difficult decision.


Often, when you contact a law firm to simply ask a question or even when you are an existing client, you will speak to administrative staff, receptionists or secretaries. The law, however, prohibits

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Who We Are:

Sunshine State Lawyers was formed to deliver to everyday Queenslanders something that has been missing from many law firms for many years – the service they deserve.

Traditionally, clients are rarely able to speak directly with lawyers when contacting legal firms. Instead, their questions and calls will be handled by assistance and administrative staff. When you are involved in a legal matter or simply seeking advice, the only person who can provide you with legal advice and guidance is a lawyer. Put simply, management was getting in the way of looking after you, the client and delivering the service you deserve.


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No Win-No Fee on All Personal Injury Claims

We understand that the need for legal advice and legal representation often comes and the worst of financial times. It is unfair that you should have to suffer financial outlay in order to be able to pursue your rights and entitlements through the use of a lawyer. Sunshine State Lawyers appreciates this and exercises a ‘No Win – No Fee’ policy in representing it’s clients.


No Win – No Fee

At Sunshine State Lawyers, we bear all costs associated with the running of your matter. From our initial discussions with you and first meeting, all the way through to the resolution of your matter, you do not need to make any financial outlay. Further to this, Sunshine State Compensation Lawyers only ever render a on successful completion of your matter. Put simply, if your case is unsuccessful, we do not charge anything and bear the cost of the matter ourselves.


Our No Win-No Fee structure gives you complete peace of mind when contemplating what course of action to take in your particular situation. With the issue of up-front cost taken care of, you are free to give consideration to what really matters, your and your family’s future and personal interests.


To speak directly to one of our solicitors about your matter, or simply to gather some advice and information so you know where you stand, call us today on 1300 930 529 or use the Contact Form to the right of this page and our solicitors will call you within 24 Hours.


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